Foot & Ankle Services

10 most common foot problems we treat:

  1. Ingrown toenails. Treated quickly and permanently in the office.
  2. Corns. Typically caused by bony prominence or contracted toe.
  3. Callus. Thick painful skin on the bottom of the foot.
  4. Bunions. Angular deviation of the big toe bone usually causing pain in the big toe joint and/or bump on the bone. Can also deform the 2nd toe.
  5. Heel and arch pain. Plantar fascitis and heel spurs are very common. Commonly causes pain first thing in the morning or later in the day as you continue to stand. Usually responds to conservative treatment using medications and custom arch supports, called orthotic devices.
  6. Flat feet. Usually responds to custom arch supports. Sometimes requires surgery.
  7. Neuroma. Causes pain in the ball of the foot. May feel like walking on a pebble or hot poker. Ranges from numbness to burning pain.
  8. Sprained ankle. Typically treated conservatively in the office. Usually under treated by most resulting in long term pain.
  9. Fungal infections of the skin and nail. Easily treated in the office.
  10. Tendonitis and strains. These are common in Las Vegas because of the large amount of time people spend on their feet. Usually easily treated in the office with minimal down time, but can become disabling if left untreated.

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