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Our philosophy is to treat each podiatric patient as though we were treating our own familys’ feet. In that way, we know that we have always given the best care possible. We strive to treat everyone with dignity and kindness. We value our patients trust and make all efforts possible to protect their medical records. We think that you will enjoy coming to our Las Vegas office as much as we will enjoy having you visit.


We treat all aspects of the foot and ankle, from fractures to athletes foot. We see all ages of patients. 10 most common foot problems we treat: Ingrown toenails Corns Callus Bunions Heel and arch pain Flat feet Neuroma Sprained ankle Fungal infections of the skin and nail Tendonitis and strains


Eastern Podiatry was started in 1980, when Dr. Carl Smith and Dr. Kenneth Schmutz joined their two separate practices to form Eastern Avenue Podiatry. The original podiatry practice was located on Eastern Avenue and Desert Inn in Las Vegas. When the foot care clinic location was moved in 1996 to Pecos McLeod, the word Avenue was dropped from the name, leaving it Eastern Podiatry. In 1998, Dr. James Fausett joined the practice having moved from Southern California where he practiced for the previous 22 years. On August 1, 2009 Dr Ken Schmutz retired from practice. Eastern Podiatry offers multiple options for patients to meet with the foot doctor they are most comfortable with and in any one of our Las Vegas locations. We also provide years of combined podiatric experience. It also makes it possible to almost always get in to see one of the doctors for emergencies.

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